John Reyer: Hey, Tyler, would you say you are there?

Tyler: Yeah, I’ve been sitting tight for you. We never can appear to get that Australia/U.S. time contrast thing straight, and I don’t work too well at 3a.m. fall guys hack

John Reyer: Okay. We’ll make this a brisk one; we should simply discuss “The Guy” and that’s it. In the event that I stray, play with the catches on the telephone, making that blare sound, similar to it’s a type of foulness,

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Tyler: Whatever you state, John…

John Reyer: And in the event that I notice Ish, the new character in the follow up to The “Guy”…

Tyler: “Signal.”

John Reyer: Tyler, would you say you are there?

Tyler: Yes, John I’m here…I thought “Ish” was an awful word.

John Reyer: Bit of scope, ah? You’re starting to become like Lazoo, excessively exacting. At any rate, where right?

Tyler: You were discussing Ish. Exactly what is an “Ish”?

John Reyer: “Blare.” Sorry mate; at any rate, similar to I was stating, this is a fast meeting, and a long one.

Tyler: So “The Guy” starts toward the finish of GUIOPERA II, when Little Lazoo at last goes into the bar, LMLA-ink’s workplaces, a spot he hasn’t entered since his father’s demise, which frequented him all through a year ago’s GUIOPERA? Is it an expansion to the GUIOPERA, and is it composed by Little Lazoo, who is one pathetic soul in that sequential?

John Reyer: Very great inquiry, one that in the event that I knew the appropriate response as well, would mean I’d need to murder you in the wake of presenting the appropriate response? Hello, would we be able to include LOL after that?

Tyler: Seriously, who’s composing the story? Is it Metofeaz, whom we discover is alive and up to his old stunts in the SenFenide Dimension, SFD?

John Reyer: OKAY! Genuine like the wheels on the transport go all around, ah? Apologies, OK! How about we envision a computer game, in which the players can reconstruct the game, and change the levels, enter the game from any place they need, and the player with the most POWER, hauls the various players to that level. So the objective is you need to know the game so well-perhaps clock it multiple times, from three alternate points of view, basically every viewpoint another game all alone, each character has their own three points of view to ace; when you ace a point of view you can endeavor “REPRO” and in case you’re adequate, you go “WIDE RELEASE” or online on the web.

Tyler: Just what is “REPRO”?

John Reyer: REPRO is reinvent, yet gets from Life Form Reproduction, which is an idea I previously recommended in GUIOPERA I. Like the manner in which a film delineates life, well a REPRO is like…OK, envision you could go inside your fantasy, which is an arbitrary replay of occasions which extend over the remainder of the information in the subliminal for different reasons. Once in there, you could streamline or resolve the contention in the scene. Furthermore, in doing so find the reason for the scene, measure it as an exercise, and transfer it to the cognizant brain as understanding for the good of future???

Tyler: Okay. Got it. I realized that-simply needed the crowd to know as well. So you were stating there’s a clash of wills between a portion of the characters-who unequivocally?

John Reyer: Well, for this situation we have “The Guy” and the Pirate from GUIOPERA II who’s an element housed by the Guy. We additionally have Metofeaz Litigatti, a ground-breaking substance who has been expelled to the SFD. What’s more, we have John Reyer and John Lazoo, who are substances compelled to occupy the scummiest, the most unfortunate, and reprehensible Shells possible in Owner and Country individually. Presently, on the off chance that we take the Video Game similitude and apply a situation wherein “The Guy” a freshman and John Reyer his coach wrestle for the reins of the story in what’s basically a test for “The Guy,” we might have the option to discover a clarification for how the story is told.

Tyler: And Ish?

John Reyer: BEEP, sorry.

John Reyer: Yes, Ish-she gives the seed to the contention in “The Guy.” I had a discussion with somebody two or three evenings before I began expressing “The Guy.”

Tyler: So? How did that discussion move you? Did it change what you intended to do in “The Guy”?

John Reyer: No it didn’t change what I needed to do, it gave me another point. Initially, I had this tale about a person who worked in a 7-11, or accommodation store, who likewise ransacks them, so he can make some dosh, so he and his young lady can disappear to the MMD. How the discussion among me and a dear companion motivated me was that I had arranged in 2006 that in this year, 2010, I would compose my first bit of work that I was going to sell. Without broadly expounding, my companion was struggling in concerning a lifelong way, etc. The insane thought, which was only one of those passing remarks, about the decency of life, etc, how a professional can make 3K in one night, grabbed my eye, and presto! there it was-the seed for the story’s contention, setting up the fight for the Girl’s brain, between The Guy and Country.

In any case, yes it motivated me to adhere to the strategy Year 4, begin selling the item, which I’ve created more than a long time since May 2006, in building etfiction, and the GUIOPERA.

Tyler: How since quite a while ago did it take you to express “The Guy”?

John Reyer: Start to complete, fifteen days in a row, 26 Dec 09 to 9 Jan this year. That remembers a day of personal time for which “The old young lady,” my machine, or PC separated. A snappy fitting for Tony at Mates Rates PCs in Albion, Brisbane, for giving the Old young lady her new mother-board – for all your PC needs, ah? Decent person as well, a Kiwi incidentally. In any case, this companion of mine gives me this thought regarding a lady, who thinks about prostitution as an option in contrast to working 9 to 5. I had been intending to compose an eBook like BrocoliFlower in size, and a connect to new stuff, and furthermore a breeze down subsequent to composing GO2, and I had the structure and characters for the story REPRO in the SFD, yet hadn’t chose the contention, battle, whatever they call that thing which triggers or which drives the principle character’s activities; in any case this contention is shared by two individuals, The Guy and the Girl, who has the substance Ish within her, proprietor of the fantasy which is integral to the plot.

Tyler: And did you say then this book will be the first sold, in contrast to your past work, which is accessible free at and

John Reyer: My other work Free? I’ve found about at any rate four situations where individuals are attempting to sell “BrocoliFlower,” “John Lazoo” and “Jon Le Mac Book 1.” But hello, what would you be able to do? Would you be able to control each occasion that occurs throughout everyday life? Not a chance. Some are simply terrible recollections, exercises and missteps, and you need to deal with that poo. So if others are going to benefit from my inventiveness, it’s time I did, ah?

At any rate, ideally “The Guy” will be a Kindle eBook on Amazon.

Tyler: You’ve referenced Ish is your next huge character, with plans that she will match Polina Rada and Lazoo?

John Reyer: Ish is exceptional; she’s my first endeavor at making a female character who isn’t for reasons unknown a casualty of one of my different characters or the conclusion to-adventure’s condition. I’m discovering making such a character to be somewhat of a battle, however I’m looking for help on this issue ideally in an ideal opportunity for when I begin stating “West End Girl” April first 2010.

So in the event that you have any guidance about how an attractive and solid chick works in a male-arranged world…?

Tyler: I wouldn’t know, John. Go converse with Oprah or Hilary Clinton perhaps. Be that as it may, what’s so exceptional about Ish?

John Reyer: Well, allowed me to see; first she proceeds to turn into a Super Model in the Repro in SFD arrangement. Yet, before that, she’s likely only a very small piece too short to even think about making it in the MMD as a Super Model under typical conditions. She has genuine questions about how wonderful she is. She’s additionally had a couple of players, play her. There’s bounty more that young ladies will presumably have the option to let us know about….

Tyler: The MMD, SFD, AMD?

John Reyer: Did you say KFC?

Tyler: BEEP.

John Reyer: Okay, grieved! They’re only my weak endeavor at disclosing what I see to be the measurements that I see all types of life to be, having been brought up as a Christian child.

MMD = MindMorph Dimension, or the planet earth and the universe in which it exists. Named after the manner in which our brains as an aggregate are controlled effectively, as simple as saying “Finger Licking Good! 1 spice and zest, 12 teaspoons of whatever.” You know what I mean? Our psyches are totally transformed, by mottos, hues, tunes, brands, and mother’s stories.

SFD = SenFenide Dimension, or the subliminal where I envision the obscurity of damnation abides terrifying us with all the unexplained stuff which gathers there, along with other stuff pushed to the back, having been crushed into you when you were youthful and effectively lead. Likewise alluded to as the fantasy world, which is the way we access the SFD. In this arrangement – Repro in SFD by John Reyer and Ish, they play in the SenFenide Dimension.

AMD = AmalgaMension Dimension, my concept of paradise, where you’re an entirety. Having completely amalgamated all the experience, exercises, and information, incorporating such great stuff into your regular day to day existence, and living what my mum and father used to allude to as “A day to day existence that matters!”

Tyler: Okay. Got it. So MMD would remember every one of those tune verses for your books and how they appear to control characters, albeit maybe in a more certain route than different things you list? It’s practically similar to you’re composing a screenplay with the soundtrack out of sight, wouldn’t you agree? I surmise music is controlling your brain and how it makes…

John Reyer: I don’t feel there’s a need to put a turn of any sort on the rundown of the control instruments free enterprise uses to portion, and in this way isolate for the sake of Marketing, under the pretense of socioeconomics. It’s reality, and it’s an aspect of any concise, any rundown of prerequisites in the advertising business, “Target Market.” And additionally I wasn’t stating it was a negative, or fiendish gadget, I was only bringing up that nearly all that we are taken care of through the media is for an aspect of some mission, regardless of whether it be political, social, yet it is conveyed utilizing watchwords, enveloped with hues an

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