Finding Suitable Furniture For Your Cabin

Warm inviting colours, cosy furniture, warm snuggly blankets, a functional fireplace, logs of firewood, rustic themes and sheepskin rugs are all words and phrases that are synonymous with cabins whether rental or for personal use. The warm and welcoming nature of cabins is achieved by playing around with furniture and décor items. So, you might ask, when furnishing, decorating or redecorating a cabin, what factors are important when purchasing furniture? 

Consider the space 

When purchasing furniture and decor items, the rule of thumb is that consideration must be given to the size and design of the room. For example, the furniture used in a round living room will essentially vary from that used in a rectangular room. The same concept applies when furnishing and decorating cabins and especially when using oak furniture. Larger spaces allow you to play around with different pieces and furniture designs while smaller spaces may restrict the number and size of furniture used. However, with a little imagination and some inspiration, you can work magic even into small cabins.

Specific style and finish of the cabin

As with all other dwelling spaces, cabins, can also be categorised based on their style into Western, Camping, Nature, South Western, Forest or Woods. Cabins can also be classified into traditional or modern with respect to their finish. Knowledge on the general style and finish of the cabin being furnished plays an integral role in the decision on the type, design and colour of the furniture. Common cabin furniture categories include cottage style furniture, rustic furniture, modern cabin furniture, finished or unfinished furniture and even custom furniture. The beauty of cabin furniture is that it can be selected to either match or contrast the style and finish of the cabin by varying the colour, grain pattern of the wood used and the material used for cushions and pillows.

The needs of the users

People may visit cabins for different reasons. For some, it is to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city for a quiet time with friends and family. For others, it might be to catch up on work while others may use the cabin to think through various issues and projects. This means that the furniture in the cabin should be able to accommodate people with different needs.  The furniture should therefore provide; a cosy reading and working area, a warm and inviting living room area where people can watch different things as well as play various games, a quiet and scenic area where one can engage in some thoughtful reflection and planning and so on. This is especially important if the cabin will be used for commercial purposes. 


Cabins require a lot of storage space for the extra blankets, the pillows, the books and games used by the guests. Therefore, where possible, you may incorporate storage space into different furniture pieces such as ottomans, sofas and beds. This is especially important in smaller cabins where space for independent storage facilities is insufficient. Storage can also be enhanced through creative use of space. For example, foldable shelves, including some storage shelves under or above the reading area and fitting storage units in the nooks of the cabin.

The end goal when purchasing cabin furniture is to offer a comfortable, inviting and cosy space for the user. Therefore, anything that contradicts this goal should be eliminated. Remember that quality cabin furniture, especially oak furniture, can be expensive but the experience and the results achieved after a few days in the cabin are all worth every penny.